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5 Reasons you should hire Piano Movers in Rockville MD

Moving to a new home has never been a walk in the park, and that’s assuming you don’t own a grand piano. If you're a piano owner and about to make a move, we understand your plight. The packing, disassembly, and worst of all, the heavy lifting is a massive pile of work that would fray anyone's nerves. But professional piano movers might cost a lot, so you think you might bear the stress and do it yourself (DIY).

Allow us to be blunt here. Don’t carry out your piano moving DIY; it may DIE. Theatrics and weak puns aside, piano moving is not a job you should carry out on your own. Here are a few reasons why you should hire professionals for your piano move. As one of the most experienced piano movers Maryland has to offer, we know what we’re talking about.

  1. Pianos are heavy.

An upright piano can weigh between 200 to 1000 pounds, while a grand piano can weigh 700 to 1200 pounds. Those are not the kind of items you can pick up on your own. You’d have to call a friend for help…and another, and five more. A reliable moving company with a professional crew can save you all that stress. All you have to do is rest easy.

  • Pianos are large.

The size of pianos makes them hard to maneuver, but that is not the only problem. They aren’t exactly going to fit in the trunk of your sedan, will they? So, you’ll have to hire a truck. By hiring a truck and getting friends to help with the lifting, you’ve called movers. However, inexperienced ones that could do more harm than good.

  • Pianos are delicate.

When moving a piano DIY, due to the weight and size of a piano, all that is on the minds of all parties involved would be to get it over quickly. That mindset makes them get careless, and your piano might end up getting scratches and scrapes. If you’re unlucky, those scrapes might damage some of the many moving parts of your piano. Those repairs might even cost more than hiring professional movers.

  • Pianos are vulnerable to the weather.

Temperature and humidity may affect your piano's performance, and professional movers are aware of that. However, the guy driving the pick-up truck might not. Professional movers use climate-controlled trucks to make sure that your piano arrives at your destination in the same condition it left.

  • Stairs are your enemy.

Stairs, oh stairs. If your piano needs to be taken up or downstairs, you would better call in professionals. The amount of coordination necessary to go up or down a staircase makes piano moving extremely difficult. That, coupled with the risk of damages from trips and bumps, make inexperienced movers a terrible choice. Calling your friends from work to help you with the move would be even worse.

Professional Piano Movers in Rockville, MD.

While moving a piano, paying more would be better than incurring more damages in the long run. Allow us to save you both.

We are BDZ Movers, one of the most reliable piano movers Rockville, MD, has to provide. Thanks to our fifteen years' experience, moving that piano would be a breeze. For piano moves, we’re the men for the job. To book our services, you can go on our website and get a free estimate. Or, you could reach us via the contact info on our website.

When BDZ Movers, the top piano movers in Maryland, are on the case, you can rest easy.

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